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Report 2015

The 2015 World Payments Report examines developments in the global payments landscape. Using the sliding bar, review global and regional non-cash payment trends, and interact with the latest updates on regulatory and industry initiatives. Take a deeper look at innovation within payments by exploring through key links and data.

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Non-cash Payments Volume

The global non-cash transactions volume growth has stabilized in 2013 to 7.6%, to reach 357.9 billion transactions, primarily due to an accelerated growth rate in mature markets (North America, Europe, and Mature Asia-Pacific).

However, the growth rate in all regions is expected to have accelerated in 2014 compared to 2013, with the non-cash transaction volume reaching 389,700,000,000

Top 10 Market Volumes Transactions Per Inhabitant SINGAPORE PAYMENTS MARKET
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North America Upward growth to4.6%
Latin America Upward growth to8.6%
Mature Markets Upward growth to5.8% 73.1% Market Share
Global Growth Upward growth to7.6%
Mature APAC Upward growth to11.5%
Europe Upward growth to5.1%
Developing Markets Upward growth to12.9% 26.9% Market Share
CEMEA Upward growth to10.6%
Emerging Asia Upward growth to21.6%
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Non-cash Payments Mix

Global non-cash transaction volumes are projected to increased in 2014 to 389.7 billion. This will be fuelled by economic recovery in the U.S. and robust non-cash payments growth in Emerging Asia. Adoption of contactless and mobile payments by customers in mature markets, initiatives such as EMV in the U.S. to modernize payments infrastructure, and implementation of immediate payments systems across markets are likely to drive non-cash payments growth globally in the near future.

Hidden payments market volume Payments Mix
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Key Regulatory Industry
Initiatives (KRIIs)

The payments industry participants must balance strategic, tactical, and operational issues in complying with the increasing volume and complexity of KRIIs as they navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

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Strategies for Future Payments Industry Transformation

Payments industry continues to evolve rapidly, with differentiation for banks increasingly being their ability to provide holistic offerings to meet customer demands and compete with the initiatives from non-banks. Immediate payments initiatives and the opportunities that they provide are a catalyst for banks to move forward in developing new value-add propositions.

Customer demands, entry of non-banks, and channel convergence are primary drivers for customer-facing innovation” There is a strong inclination towards quick prioritization of payments processing transformation”

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