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Report 2016

The 2016 World Payments Report examines developments in the global payments landscape. By partnering with BNP Paribas, in this year’s report, in addition to bringing insightful analysis of the global non-cash transaction environment to banks, we have provided our insights on transaction banking as well. Using the sliding bar, review global and regional non-cash payment trends, and interact with the latest updates on regulatory and industry initiatives. Take a deeper look at challenges and opportunities in transaction banking.

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Non-cash Payments Volume

Global non-cash transaction volumes grew at 8.9% in 2014 to reach 387.3 billion, the highest growth rate since the Report was first published. The growth was mainly driven by accelerated growth in developing markets.

The higher global growth is predicted to have continued during 2015, with estimates of a growth rate of 10.1% taking the non-cash transaction volume reaching 426,300,000,000

Top 10 Market Volumes Transactions Per Inhabitant
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North America Upward growth to4.4%
Latin America Upward growth to8.3%
Mature Markets Upward growth to6.0% 70.9% Market Share
Global Growth Upward growth to8.9%
CEMEA Upward growth to12.3%
Europe Upward growth to6.4%
Developing Markets Upward growth to16.7% 29.1% Market Share
Mature APAC Upward growth to10.8%
Emerging Asia Upward growth to31.5%
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Non-cash Payments Mix

Cards have been the fastest growing payments instrument since 2010, as check use has declined consistently for at least the past 13 years. Debit cards accounted for the highest share (45.7%) of global non-cash transactions and were also the fastest growing (12.8%) payment instrument in 2014. This signifies the greater convenience and security of cards over other payment instruments and their status as an easy payment infrastructure upon which newcomers can build innovative services.

Payments Mix Cash Usage Immediate payments impact
on cash and checks
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Key Regulatory
and Industry Initiatives

The regulatory landscape remains complex for banks and banks need in order to adopt a transformative approach to compliance to adapt to new regulatory landscape realities.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Transaction Banking

While the nature of corporate expectations of banks has not changed significantly over time, their digital ambition and demand for analytics-based services have escalated significantly. Recognizing this, banks have expanded beyond pure payment processing to offer digital solutions for corporates, but meeting and exceeding corporates’ expectations will require significant improvement in digital maturity levels. While levers such as culture, technology, operating efficiency, and customer experience exist for banks to grow their transaction banking business, banks must also develop a more collaborative mindset, inclusive of FinTechs to help them stay ahead of competition.

Challenges and Corporate Expectations Collaboration a Key Strategy
The fundamentals have not changed but new channels create additional risks and corporates seek banks' support in managing them” Digital initiatives are being pursued in areas of customer value analytics, fraud management, and cybercrime prevention” Key enablers for implementation of digital initiatives are senior leadership strategies for enterprise culture and vision” The bank is trying to engage with FinTechs through a start-up innovation center in areas of biometrics authentication” Managing implementation cost and regulatory compliance are key barriers that hinder overall implementation of initiatives” Corporate clients are looking to get ultra-simple APIs to access services and obtain data”

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